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Read the article on How to beat the banks on GIC rates and Check out the RDBA Advantage Index. The RDBA and Broker Advantage Index were cited by Rob Carrick in the Globe & Mail. In his article he describes the advantages of working with a deposit broker. 


Our Best GIC Rates

For March 22, 2018

Annual GIC Rates

Bridgewarer Bank**

1 Year 2.62%
Bridgewater Bank**  2 Year 2.85%
Your Credit Union***  3 Year 2.90%
Your Credit Union ***  4 Year 3.10%
Meridian Credit Union*  5 Year 3.25%


*Rates subject to change. Brittain Group Financial Services is a member of Registered Deposit Brokers Association serving Brantford and surrounding area. As a member we hold contracts with several financial institutions. Please note more than one institution could have the same rate. Kindly contact our office for details. Minimum *$10,000.00  **$25,000.00 ***$50,000.00

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