Tips for Returning Back to Work

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From maternity or parental leave



1. Plan who will take care of the baby as early as possible. Whether a family member, private or registered care provider. Space is limited with most registered daycares, and you will want to get your name on any lists as soon as possible.


2. Give the care provider a schedule. When does the baby nap, have bottles and eat?  Do they have special toys or blankets that will make it easier to be apart from you? Consider spending a few hours with your baby and care provider to get them familiar with your baby’s schedule.    


3. Prepare the night before make your lunch, snacks and food for the baby if required. Try on your work clothes and lay out what you plan to wear. This will free up time and make your morning more enjoyable.  


4. Make dinner ahead of time have a few meals planned to ensure you have the ingredients on hand or prepare and freeze meals ahead of time. You will have more time to play with the baby after work instead of having to plan and cook for the family.


5. Do a run through about a week before you start. It will confirm you have time to get everyone ready and out the door on time! Just in case you get stuck in unexpected traffic or those extra snuggles and kisses when you part from your little one take a little bit longer.


*And do not forget to take your large coffee mug!